The Harbingers of Joy

Across the streams of livelihood
With silent wings by the side,
Slides the simple creature
Into the passage of time.

An accidental glance at the beholder’s plight,
Ends a spell of perennial drought.
And showers incessant droplets,
Completing the loop with another naught.

As the nature prides itself
With riches out of one’s way,
Oblivious is the harbinger,
Who is just drifting through another day.

For Nature!!

Into.The.Wild.2007.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4_000041332 This one is for all the nature lovers out there. This poem, I’ve lifted from a Sean Penn directed movie called ‘Into the wild’. All those who love scenic beauty and philosophy, do watch the film. Have a happy sunday everyone!! 🙂 🙂