The Drifter’s Dilemma

Rose in the air,
The fumes of victory.
After deserts and despair,
Fields green, finally.

Clear blue sky,
Soothing wind playing.
An alluring lie,
Or stars shining?

A divine soul appears,
An angel without disguise.
All sorrow clears
By those enchanting eyes.

Mesmerised by the beauty,
A drifter, a wanderer,
Losing his sanity?
Forgetting his nature?

With eyes blinking,
He tried to decide.
The turbulent drifting?
Or the tranquil side?

Being a drifter,
He chose to stride.
“Why?”, asked the nature.
The curiosity could not hide.

Replied the drifter :-
“I drift through the dark
To put on a flight.
A necessary part,
To appreciate the light.”

Tears Of A Clown


It’s like my mouth is zipped

While everyone else is fully equipped,

With sophisticated ways to make fun of me

And I’m yelling helplessly.

Don’t know whom to throw my anger at.

I guess I have become a frozen cat.

Have no one to share my pain.

Made an effort but all in vain.

I was made to hide my pride

When I was burning with agony inside.

Now I’m all alone in my shallow den.

The one in my mirror is my only friend

Who tries to calm me down

And I’m ready to shed the tears of a clown