Is It Fair?


Pockets breathing
But you can’t feel the air.
Lips mumbling
But you aren’t aware.
Tension piling
Teardrops everywhere.
Fake colors bleeding
Here and there.
A river flowing
Leaving the scars bare.
People dying
But nobody cares.
And we keep on smiling.
Is it fair?

Strangers With A Connection?


On a windy cloudy night,
“met” some guys at a crossroad.
Each trying to break free
from their chains,
before they explode.

First, there was a young girl.
Blood dripping from her nose,
she had unkempt hair and a heart-breaking face.
An unemployed single mother,
she was hoping to find someone
who could save her fading grace.

Then, appeared a young lad.
He had been smoking & drinking,
even he didn’t know why.
Just been kicked out of his house,
he was hoping to find someone
on whose shoulders he could just cry.

A 40-something man was standing at a corner.
With tears in his eyes,
he was counting his pennies in a hurry.
Even with such hard work,
he couldn’t make enough money.

On the other side, sat a businessman.
A successful entrepreneur,
he had no friend or family.
With no one to love,
what would he do with all his money?

Did these people even notice each other?
Or were they just strangers trying to find a way?
Were they just a few victims of citylife?
Or was it just another gloomy day?