Where Is My Pen?


A 7 year old raped brutally.
The students beaten mercilessly.
Crores laundered in the scam.
And democracy is now a sham!

Religion, a reverent affair.
Is now a sacred weapon.
Regularly fired in the air,
Its bullets, claiming tons.

And naivety is not more than a facade.
With everyone playing equal parts.
‘Cause the decent naives,
Are meditating in their graves.

The leaves are withering.
And the birds have flown.
But things are burgeoning.
As our society has “positively grown”.

I’ll write an honest account,
Of things that always haunt.
But where is my pen?
Oh! I forgot!
It belongs to “them”.

…And, It Took Over Me Again


…And, it took over me again.
Leaving things in vain.
Capturing me, controlling me,
It opened that forbidden pane.

…And, it took over me again.
Leaving me with a guilt of shame.
Torturing me, hurting me,
It left me to be blamed.

…And, it took over me again.
Making me a symbol of disdain.
Agonizing me, abusing me,
It left me with unwashable stains.

Had never wished to say so.
Had never thought of doing so.
Forgive me, my dear.
For it wasn’t me who caused all those tears.
I know I should have refrained.
But, it had taken all over me again.

Tears Of A Clown


It’s like my mouth is zipped

While everyone else is fully equipped,

With sophisticated ways to make fun of me

And I’m yelling helplessly.

Don’t know whom to throw my anger at.

I guess I have become a frozen cat.

Have no one to share my pain.

Made an effort but all in vain.

I was made to hide my pride

When I was burning with agony inside.

Now I’m all alone in my shallow den.

The one in my mirror is my only friend

Who tries to calm me down

And I’m ready to shed the tears of a clown