A Place For My Tunes


I dream of a place far away,
Which would echo with the tunes I adore.
Far from the reaches of anger and foul play,
Far from the clutches of terror and gore.

Where the strumming on the acoustic guitar
Would make my heart pine for more.
The sensational flute solos not too far
Would caress me and mesmerize me to the core.

Where the slow beats of the drumsticks on the cymbals
Would keep my tapping feet rhythmic.
And the aura filled with clear and soothing vocals
Would break the melancholy and fill the soul with music.

Captivating me,
It would make me forget everything.
Inspiring me,
It would keep my blood flowing.
Hypnotizing me,
It would cast a beautiful spell,
And silently,
It would take me away from this hell.

9 thoughts on “A Place For My Tunes

  1. My heart literally skipped a beat reading this one. You can just sit and visualise this one and oh……. I think I am running out of words to tell you how much I liked it..


      1. The thing with this poem is that it takes you to that place where you want to be with the special one and you know just be there for eternity. And you are literally going through all my posts, it is just making me feel as if you are obligated to do so…. You are not, it is very kind of you to do this.


      2. Of course I’m not. I just like your descriptive style of writing and reading blogs has become a hobby of mine, lately. So, don’t feel otherwise.


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