I’m Me!


I rule from my throne

When I am in my comfort zone.

But I am in doubt

Once I have stepped out.

I often think why should I leave my place

When I have you, them & my space.

But, as every whale surfaces to breathe,

I have no choice, I have to leave.

But, I am not afraid of the mysteries

That await me & will try to tease.

Come on life! I’m ready!

I’m out of my zone, but still I’m me!

8 thoughts on “I’m Me!

      1. College or job? My college is in Delhi itself, so I have been spared of the feeling. But I actually dread the day I will have to go away and work in a company, live one my own, COOK on my own and the worst go away from my parents.

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      2. Well! I’ve been away from my parents for 6 yrs now but I always used to visit my parents regularly. So, I didn’t consider myself away from home. But now, I got to go away for my job and yes, I’ll have to live alone and all that. So, I guess, that will be in a true sense, going away. The poem describes that feling.


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