The Struggling Angel

the struggling angel
Flying on the top of the world,
Feeling like a free bird.
An insane in a sane place,
I am alone, by God’s grace.

Removing my mask of sanity,
I try to overcome the gravity,
Which pulls me down to the world below,
A vicious web of lies, I know.

A sense of closeness tickles me.
Someone is below, I see.
An angel with a torch in hand,
That creates an aura of peace in mind.

She is as white as milk.
She is as soft as silk.
Struggling alone without a trail,
She is impressive, as truth always prevails.

But wait! What am i seeing?
Strangely, she has started fading.
Dominated by the monsters of hate,
She has become a victim of her fate.

I see the angel shedding tears.
No one’s approaching her due to their fears.
I see the cruel faces of these devils.
They are going to face many perils.

Did she really lose the battle?
Or has it just begun?
Would we support it?
Or is it simply done?

The truth is really hard to find.
With these thoughts in mind,
I put on my mask of sanity,
And decided to defy the horrible gravity.

2 thoughts on “The Struggling Angel

  1. You know this angel to my mind is so similar to the democracy in India, if she were a woman like in Shashi Tharoor’s book The Great indian Novel.


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