Where Do You Find Yourself?


Starting from the same line
We begin the run
But few end up at the finish line
And the rest are caught in the fun
Of the things so fine
That they bother none

But the thing is
Where do you see yourself?

Few seem to conquer the world
And some fly like free birds
Few seem to shadow mankind
And some are hard to find
Few seem to influence you
And some are so new

But the point remains
Where do you see yourself?

Do you find yourself in the middle of a sea
With big waves coming your way
And you can’t get a direction
Even in the bright sunny day
Do you imagine yourself on a small boat
All alone you struggle for a ray

If that’s true, continue sailing
Because HE doesn’t want you to say

11 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Yourself?

    1. I tried to point out the irony that we all try to find ourselves but still, no one knows where he/she actually is. In the end, we should just keep walking. I think that’s what matters.
      And thanks a lot for going through all of my posts, sir. Really appreciate that.

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    1. Yes, it is the entire dilemma and we spend our whole lives finding the answer.
      This one, I wrote as a dedication to Robert Frost and his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’, which is one of my favourites.


      1. I will respond to that later, but I hope you know the poem is not anything close to the way it is taught in schools, about difficult choices and what not. He literally had gone trekking and found two roads and that is it. But my favourite lines are the ones that go ‘miles to go before I sleep…’
        Here’s hoping we will find our own answers


      2. No I didn’t know that. I perceived it the way we were taught. It is surprising to know that he meant it literally and wonderful too, in a way!!


      3. Aw did I break the bubble? Hehe, there is some interview in which he talked about it. What is wonderful is the interpretation you can draw from this experience of his.


      4. No, not really because I’ll continue to take it the way I do now because it is really beautiful that way. But, it’s good to know that he meant it literally. And, I’ll google for the interview right away.

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